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Being a collector - I know that it isn't easy finding the perfect car to invest in - I have more than 30 years experience and would love to share my interest in exceptional vehicles. I am proud to be knowledgeable in the area of original or fully restored automobiles and I am passionate about fine quality. At Elite Classics we offer elegant vintage models, new striking collector models, and rare one-of-kind specialty vehicles.

My Favorite Cars

I've never met a car I didn't like, but my favorites are rare original cars you do not see everyday from Isettas to Dune Buggies. Our collection has covered automobiles from the 50's to modern from BMW to Volkswagen.  Great vehicles for investment and enjoyment from the rarest colors, lowest mileage and limited production. I enjoy the relentless pursuit of quality in the best collectible cars that is my standard. Many of the cars from my collection have been sold at Barrett-Jackson, RM Auctions and other elite venues. My personal favorites are the 2 Mustang race cars, a 2013 Boss 302S and a Walt Hane built 1966 that I race competitively.

How To See Our Cars

I don't fuel my passion just to let my cars stay in the garage! Most I drive but I also offer some of these amazing cars for sale as investments, all of which can be driven and enjoyed! All my cars are professionally maintained and stored in a climate controlled garage. Please contact me if you have any interest in any of my cars - Regards.

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